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KIRIN is recognized as suppliers world wide.01

Reduce joist/purlins02

Water Integrity - Because our panels have a specially engineered tongue & groove system, water ingress through the joints is impossible, also to ensures no exposure of the core can occur.03

Insulation - Our PIR panels have twice the thermal value of standard polystyrene. A greater thermal performance enabling a reduction of thickness ny up to 50%, which results in maximizing internal space.04

Light weight but incredibly strong.05

Designed to withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees.06

Eco Friendly - produce zero carbon emissions07

Energy & cost effective.08

PIR core does not absorb water.09

Low smoke emission10

Excellent acoustic properties.11

Highly regarded by insurance companies.12

Excellent fire retardation properties, PIR does not burn, drip or melt, but chars.13

Non combustible14

They have excellent strength to weight ratio and spanning characteristics.14

KIRIN's lightweight panels mean less structural steel is required, providing both cost and energy savings. Construction is made up to 50% quicker, and safer through easier handling.15

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