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KIRIN Poly Panel is a Korean made lightweight structural sandwich panel or composite Panel. A Polyisocyanurate (PIR) fire retardant core ,profiled steel facings on both the upper and lower surfaces and with a tongue and groove joining system, Kirin panels are an innovation by its own standards.


Factory Mutual (FM) approved, offers insurer approved fire risk reduction properties specified worldwide. It is widely used for all insulated panel applications and is accepted as the best fire rated solution for insulated panel construction.

KIRIN PIR panels have a unique grey core.

PIR colour is naturally off white, Kirin has developed this distinctive core colour as an identifying feature of a top quality PIR product.


Versatile, Durable, Energy efficient, Cost-effective, these are some of the many benefits of using Kirin panel.

All backed by a 15 year manufactures warranty.


Currently, PIR core panels are the preferred choice for the construction of controlled environments due to their proven thermal and performance properties.

Buildings constructed with a controlled internal environment require a holistic design, specification and build approach. Considerations include practical, commercial, technical, performance, sustainability, financial, regulatory, and more recently fire risk and insurance cover issues.



cold store facilities , freezers, temperature controlled and hygiene safe environments , food processing, Laboratories, clean rooms, airports , schools , housing, storage rooms, interior / exterior commercial and industrial walling.




A controlled environment is an area that requires precise internal environmental control, particularly temperature, hygiene, thermal and fire safety.

KIRIN PIR panels have a 99% closed cell insulation core, which prevents interstitial condensation and other detrimental moisture effects.

PIR is suitable for internal and external walls.

The use of insurer-approved products is increasingly being insisted upon in all aspects of building construction to ensure that the products comply with their requirements and are manufactured to controlled specifications. Certified PIR rigid core panels use a unique formulation that gives a highly fire resistant product, which is capable of passing these insurance industry tests. The most commonly requested certification is the FM Approval, third party comprehensive global commercial and industrial property insurance.


Vertically or Horizontally


supplied to customers' request, limited to shipping and handling

Thickness of Panel:

50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm

Thickness of Steel:

§ Hot Dipped Galvanized (GI): 0.45 mm to 0.85 mm

§ Super Galum: 0.6 mm

§ Dual Steel: 0.6 mm


1,000 mm


Polyisocyanurate (PIR)


Thermal U - Value


Thickness of Panel

50 mm

75 mm

100 mm

125 mm

150 mm


40 kg/m3








Thermal R - Value


Thickness of Panel

50 mm

75 mm

100 mm

125 mm

150 mm








Thickness (m/m)














Clean Room
CADClean Room_Ceiling & Partition Joint Detail_01.dwg
CADClean Room_Ceiling & Partition Joint Detail_02.dwg
CADClean Room_Ceiling & Wall Joint Detail.dwg
CADClean Room_Ceiling Suspension Detail_01.dwg
CADClean Room_Ceiling Suspension Detail_02.dwg
CADClean Room_Ceiling Suspension Detail_03.dwg
CADClean Room_Ceiling Suspension Detail_04.dwg
CADClean Room_Double Panel Door Detail_01.dwg
CADClean Room_Double Panel Door Detail_02.dwg
CADClean Room_Partition Base Detail_01.dwg
CADClean Room_Partition Base Detail_02.dwg
CADClean Room_Partition Base Detail_03.dwg
CADClean Room_Partition Detail.dwg
CADClean Room_Single Panel Door Detail_01.dwg
CADClean Room_Single Panel Door Detail_02.dwg
CADClean Room_Vertical Corner Detail_01.dwg
CADClean Room_Vertical Corner Detail_02.dwg
REVITClean Room_Ceiling & Partition Joint Detail_01.rfa
REVITClean Room_Ceiling & Partition Joint Detail_02.rfa
REVITClean Room_Ceiling & Wall Joint Detail.rfa
REVITClean Room_Ceiling Suspension Detail_01.rfa
REVITClean Room_Ceiling Suspension Detail_02.rfa
REVITClean Room_Ceiling Suspension Detail_03.rfa
REVITClean Room_Ceiling Suspension Detail_04.rfa
REVITClean Room_Double Panel Door Detail_01.rfa
REVITClean Room_Double Panel Door Detail_02.rfa
REVITClean Room_Partition Base Detail_01.rfa
REVITClean Room_Partition Base Detail_02.rfa
REVITClean Room_Partition Base Detail_03.rfa
REVITClean Room_Partition Detail.rfa
REVITClean Room_Single Panel Door Detail_01.rfa
REVITClean Room_Single Panel Door Detail_02.rfa
REVITClean Room_Vertical Corner Detail_01.rfa
REVITClean Room_Vertical Corner Detail_02.rfa

Cold Storage Panel - Cold Store
CADCold Store & Freezer_Partition & Ceiling Detail.dwg
CADCold Store_Partition & Ceiling Joint Detail.dwg
CADCold Store_Partition Base Detail.dwg
CADCold Store_Wall Corner Joint Detail.dwg
CADCold Store_Wall to Ceiling Joint Detail.dwg
REVITCold Store & Freezer_Partition & Ceiling Detail.rfa
REVITCold Store_Partition & Ceiling Joint Detail.rfa
REVITCold Store_Partition Base Detail.rfa
REVITCold Store_Wall Corner Joint Detail.rfa
REVITCold Store_Wall to Ceiling Joint Detail.rfa

Cold Storage Panel - Freezer
CADFreezer_Floor & Wall Joint Detail.dwg
CADFreezer_Partition & Ceiling Joint Detail_01.dwg
CADFreezer_Partition & Ceiling Joint Detail_02.dwg
CADFreezer_Partition & Floor Joint Detail.dwg
CADFreezer_Wall Corner Joint Detail.dwg
CADFreezer_Wall to Ceiling Joint Detail.dwg
REVITFreezer_Floor & Wall Joint Detail.rfa
REVITFreezer_Partition & Ceiling Joint Detail_01.rfa
REVITFreezer_Partition & Ceiling Joint Detail_02.rfa
REVITFreezer_Partition & Floor Joint Detail.rfa
REVITFreezer_Wall Corner Joint Detail.rfa
REVITFreezer_Wall to Ceiling Joint Detail.rfa

Insulated Building
CADInsulated Building_Corner Detail_01.dwg
CADInsulated Building_Corner Detail_02.dwg
CADInsulated Building_Corner Detail_03.dwg
CADInsulated Building_External Wall Base Detail_01.dwg
CADInsulated Building_External Wall Base Detail_02.dwg
CADInsulated Building_External Wall Base Detail_03.dwg
CADInsulated Building_External Wall Base Detail_04.dwg
CADInsulated Building_External Wall Base Detail_05.dwg
CADInsulated Building_External Wall Base Detail_06.dwg
CADInsulated Building_External Wall Base Detail_07.dwg
CADInsulated Building Wall Support Detail.dwg
PDFPIR_WALL_Insulated Building_ALL_CAD.pdf
REVITInsulated Building_Corner Detail_01.rfa
REVITInsulated Building_Corner Detail_02.rfa
REVITInsulated Building_Corner Detail_03.rfa
REVITInsulated Building_External Wall Base Detail_01.rfa
REVITInsulated Building_External Wall Base Detail_02.rfa
REVITInsulated Building_External Wall Base Detail_03.rfa
REVITInsulated Building_External Wall Base Detail_04.rfa
REVITInsulated Building_External Wall Base Detail_05.rfa
REVITInsulated Building_External Wall Base Detail_06.rfa
REVITInsulated Building_External Wall Base Detail_07.rfa
REVITInsulated Building Wall Support Detail.rfa


A controlled environment is an area that requires precise internal environmental control, particularly temperature, hygiene, thermal and fire safety. These areas include freezers, cool rooms , food processing , clean rooms & pharmaceutical.


Internal Application: The internal walls and ceilings panel system is known as a “box within a box”.

External Application: The external insulated wall and roof system is the envelope of the building.


All KIRIN temperature controlled insulated panel system are factory made to provide air tightness, no water ingress, easy to clean and a superior finish second to none.


Food & hygiene safe

No fibres

No contamination

No condensation or moisture / our panel joint prevents thermal bridging

Easy install with tongue and groove system

Air tight

Long life span of product


Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Insulated Panel
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